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State Fair: Weird Vegetables, Outhouse Races, Cook Out, and Big Bull

DES MOINES, Iowa- The Iowa State Fair has crowned a new State Champion Auctioneer.
Jeffrey Garber of Lincoln MO was in a field of 17 finalists to make it to the state competition.
The 24-year-old has placed before in this competition, but finally was given the top prize.

“It’S the adrenaline rush, of engaging the crowd, and pulling those bids in and working for the seller and trying to get top dollar,” said Garber. “The rythmic chant, reigning in the people, it's an adrenaline rush for me.”

The Cattle Barn is also a busy place during the State Fair. People want to come to see the Big Bull.
Dream On is his name, and he weighs in at 3050 pounds. He is from Brandt Farms near Corning.
The Cattle Barn is a busy place, especially right before a big heifer show. People are busy primping the animals at the last-minute.

“Just the people we get to hang around with, these are all kids from the county,” said Brandon Burmeister, of Louisa County. “We get along pretty good, the people you get to meet here is awesome, there’s a ton of people here so you can run into anybody, I think the people make it the way that it is,it’s always great.”

The 15th annual Outhouse Races is definitely a favorite at the Iowa State Fair. Eddie Hatfield of KJJY said the event has been on numerous cable channels. Today a group from Viceland network of New York, was shooting the event to prepare for upcoming coverage.

“The rules, are run as fast as you can, clean off the toilet seat, get into the pig slop, find the corn cob, change the toilet paper roll, and be back past the line before anybody else,” said Hatfield.

In the Agriculture Building it was a day to judge fruits and vegetables. Some were judged as just plain weird, they even have a category of their own.

“That’s a tough one because we’ve got so many types of vegetables here,” said Richard Pope, who is a volunteer judge. “We have a little humor here, in how people have named some things, for example to two carrots that are conjoined they kind of grew together, its called lets play Twister, and we have a saxophone shaped butternut squash which is different.”

And the State Fair Cook Off by Farm Bureau is in it’s 51st year. 55 contestants won their local county competition to be able to compete here. One included 13 year old Elijah Sinclair from Osceola, who learned to grill with his grandfather.

“That’s something that me and him always enjoyed, when he was off work, going outside and enjoy grilling on the grill.”

Channel 13’s Ed Wilson and Megan Salois were helping to judge on how the food was presented.

Ed was impressed with Elijah saying “someday he’ll have a restaurant of his own!”

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