State Fair Rides for Thrill Seekers

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Channel 13's Maria Lisignoli takes us along as she checks out the Thrill Parks at the Iowa State Fair.

"My favorite ride is the Giant Slide, it is a classic State Fair ride," Channel 13's Maria Lisignoli said. "I was not expecting the Crazy Mouse ride to be so wild! It was a lot of fun."

There are three different Thrill Parks:
Thrill Ville is located between the Grandstand and Ye Old Mill, it has the Giant Wheel and dozens of other rides and roller coasters.

Thrill Town is located East of gate 10 and directly North of the Richard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center Lawn. This park is made specifically for kids and families.

Thrill Zone is located on the Southwest corner of the fairgrounds, it features some of the biggest and most heart-stopping rides at the fair.

The Thrill Parks open at 10 A.M. each day and to ride any of the Thrill Parks' rides you have to buy a wristband with credits:

$1 for 1 credit.

$20 for 25 credits.

$30 for 40 credits.

Each ride costs around 5 credits.

The Giant Slide ride is separate from the Thrill Parks and each time down the slide costs $2.50.