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Heavy Rain in Beaverdale Overwhelms Storm Sewers, Again

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Dozens of Beaverdale homes took on water during June's heavy rains and many of those residents blame the city for neglecting the storm sewer system.

Roads were again flooding in Beaverdale Thursday night due to heavy rain.

“City of Des Moines, where are you with our sump pump? See our street? Hello…nobody can get through to Public Works. We are now flooding…again,” Jennie Klise said in a video she sent Channel 13 Thursday night.

Klise took the video, which shows street flooding outside her home near 47th and Holcomb. The storm sewers couldn’t handle the amount of rain that fell.

Plans to fix the storm sewers could soon have everyone in Des Moines paying more.

This is the proposal city leaders will consider on Monday. It raises the storm sewer rate 6-percent in each of the next three years, followed by a 5-percent increase, and a final 3-percent hike in 2023.

Over the course of five years the multiple increases will bring in more than $7 million.