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Governor Reynolds Wins ‘Cast Your Kernel,’ Here’s What History Says About Her Victory

DES MOINES, Iowa–More than 61,000 people took part in Channel 13’s unscientific “Cast Your Kernel” contest during the Iowa State Fair. Fair goers dropped a corn kernel into the jar of the candidate they wanted to be the next governor.

Here were the final results:

Governor Kim Reynolds (Republican): 51.6%

Fred Hubbell (Democrat): 45.6%

Jake Porter (Libertarian): 2.8%

Total kernels cast: 61,381 (That is 7.5 kernels per minute). 

Reynolds’  margin of victory, by historical standards of the poll over the past decade, is small for a Republican.

Political Director Dave Price explains here.

Barack Obama remains the only Democrat to win a "Cast Your Kernel" contest. In 2008, Obama edged out Republican John McCain, 51 to 49%, with 48,865 kernels cast.