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Marshalltown Welcomes Students to Fall Classes After Summer Tornado

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- The tornado on July 19th caused damage to three Marshalltown Schools. Roofs, many trees and some fencing were damaged. The roofs are being repaired, the tree and other debris has all been hauled away.

I think we’re in relatively good shape to begin the school year, said Marshalltown Supt. of Schools Theron Schutte. “Our facilities have been repaired or temporarily repaired, to the point where there’s no issues regarding the safety of students.”

Some damaged fencing may be cleaned up on school grounds yet this week.

Marshalltown native Schutte said they are thankful no one was hurt or injured.

“We did significant outreach to our staff advocating to them to let us know who needed or wanted help, or if they knew of others that wanted help,” said Schutte. “Right now our biggest concern is that first monthly tornado drill, that we have, and how our kids are gonna react and respond to that based on what they’ve been through.”

As to how many students have been affected or displaced by the storm, Schutte said they have no real handle on that. The school conducted fall on-line registration right before the tornado.

Schutte remains positive for the future of his hometown.

“It’s still a great place to be, and I really think on the back-end of this we’ll be better, we’ll rebuild better, we’ll be stonger,” said Schutte.

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