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Two Iowa State Parks Ramping Up For Labor Day After Construction Concludes

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BOONE, Iowa- Ledges State Park Canyon Road is now open, since it was closed in the summer of 2017 after the road down to the canyon floor was washed out. The repair project was completed in late July, but flood waters had kept the canyon closed until two weeks ago.

Now with the road repaired, and the sand cleaned after flooding Ledges is getting back to normal.
Even with a littler slower traffic, DNR crews at Ledges were busy rebuilding a trail which had washed out.

Park Manager Andy Bartlett said crews in Bellevue Developed the idea of using hog slat flooring for the actual trail surface. The panels have holes allowing the water to drain away. Ledges State Park, and other Iowa Parks have been working to prepare for a big celebration in two years, Iowa’s State Park system will celebrate 100 years.

“As we begin to plan for this ( Parks 2020) celebration, it is to celebrate what we have, and our history as a system,” said Bartlett. “To connect people to the resources that we have, and inspire them to become involved with our operations as volunteers as advocates for our system and our parks individually.”

Another park which is celebrating this weekend is Maquoketa Caves State Park. This park has been closed for three months, as several projects were done in the park. Most noticeable is new lighting inside the largest cave.

“Our Friends group here in Maquoketa Caves was able to secure a small grant to replace the old fluorescent lights we had in Dance Hall Cave,” said Park Ranger, Scott Dykstra. “We replace them all into new LED lights so the cave is a lot brighter than it had been in the past.”

The Park also paved the main road through the park, and added sidewalks, to improve safety for pedestrians. The electrical system in the campground was improved.

The park is planning to be busy over Labor Day Weekend with a full campground, and lots of people coming to the park to mark the holiday.

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