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CycloneFanatic Raises Over $10,000 for Cyclone Fan with Cancer

CLIVE, Iowa -- Iowa State Cyclone fans from all across central Iowa came together for a special cause at Barntown Brewing.

Ultimate Cyclone fan and ‘ticket guy’ Cory Johnson was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive forms of cancer, melanoma, about a year and a half ago.

“I just got done with 15 treatments of brain radiation. Got very good results last week that the radiation worked and the 15 spots in my brain are gone. Now I’m battling basically my vertebris full of cancer, my kidney, just the entire midsection and I’m still in a pretty rough battle, but the brain was a big piece,” Johnson said.

Cory’s friends at CycloneFanatic decided to hold a fundraiser at Barntown Brewing to help him with the financial part of his battle with cancer.

"People are really excited about Iowa State Football, but there’s more to life than just football. And what we try to do every year is find a way to give back,” CycloneFanatic Publisher Chris Williams said.

Williams said Cory also known as ‘Chief’ has touched Cyclones fans lives with his energy and enthusiasm.

“Chief is my guy. I’ve known Chief for a really long time. Actually the owner of our company was his college roommate. And he’s a ticket scalper. And everybody who walks into Jack Trice or everybody who walks into Hilton Colosseum, they’ve walked by Chief and they’ve probably bought a ticket from him at some point,” Williams said

Williams said they raised over $10,000 for Cory and his family.

Johnson said this battle with cancer has been very hard on his family and every little bit of support helps.

“It means everything. Having cancer and then the thing I worry about every day is my family. This is that one piece that’s going to be able to help out some and take some of that away. That’s the emotional part that I can’t describe to people,” Johnson said

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