DMPS Claims Few Complaints Made about New School Start Times, Parents Disagree

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It's been a week now since Des Moines Public School students have been back in classroom. This year, they start their school day earlier than ever before. Parents say they don't like the changes but the district claims they haven't heard many complaints.

"It's been a little rough on the kiddo waking up earlier than we did before," says Anna Ryan whose son is a first grader in the district.

The bells ring an hour earlier this year for Des Moines students but it's after school when Ryan says the struggle is real.

"He is ready to take a nap and then were fighting eating dinner then fighting to get him back to bed," she laughs.  "It`s a bit of a vicious cycle for a six - year - old.

District superintendent, Tom Ahart, admits the time change will take some getting used too and something he promises to keep an eye on.

"We are certainly evaluating it and if it's not working we will be making a change," he says.

Ahart tells Channel 13, he's already considering readjusting start times for next school year, admitting starting the day at 7:30am is too early for elementary kids. The thought of that is already stressing some parents out.

"As parents, we reworked our work schedules to fit the schools accommodations. It's kind of slap in the face," says Cassi Pettorini.

The district says it will make its final decision if it plans to change school start times. If the idea is approved, it won't be implemented until next school year.


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