Fred Hubbell Releases 2017 Tax Information; Gave 27% of Income to Charity

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Democratic candidate for governor Fred Hubbell is releasing details from his 2017 tax filings.

On Wednesday the Hubbell for Governor campaign released a few key data points from the returns with a promise to make the full filing available later this week.

The Hubbell campaign says Mr. Hubbell and his wife, Charlotte, had  a federal Adjusted Gross Income of $3,000,973 in 2017.  The Hubbells personally gave $816,926 to charity.  That's 27.2% of their income.  The Hubbells paid a federal tax rate of 25.3%.

The Hubbells' taxable income in Iowa totaled $1,878,393.  They paid a tax rate of 6.3% in state.

The Hubbells also donated significantly to charity through the "Fred and Charlotte Hubbell Charitable Foundation".  They gave a total of $458,650 to charity through the foundation.  Including their personal giving the Hubbells gave a total of $1.2 million to charity in 2017.

The Hubbell campaign plans to make his full return available to the media on Thursday afternoon.

Governor Kim Reynolds has released a decade of tax returns and has called on Hubbell to do the same.  Hubbell says he is keeping with a precedent set by Robert D. Ray and Chet Culver of releasing one year's returns before running for governor.