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Shoreline Stabilization Project Closes Road Near Gray’s Lake

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Summer seems to be coming to an end, with this being the last weekend to purchase concessions and boat rentals at Gray's Lake. This is also the last weekend before a major construction project near the lake. On September 1st, the city is starting their shoreline stabilization project along the Raccoon River.

This project will close John R Grubb Lane to vehicle traffic. The walking trail will also close, but foot traffic will be diverted to John R Grubb Lane.

The City of Des Moines said there has been a lot of erosion on the Raccoon River. They said if this issue is not addressed the trail could fall apart and the river would come into the lake. This would cause the entire park to flood with water. The city said this project is necessary, but people may not even notice a change when the project is completed.

“Because we’re shoring up the shoreline underneath, we’re using rip rap and all kinds of other things. It’s not a cosmetic fix but it is necessary, so we’ll fix the trail and it will just make for a better park down the road,” Des Moines Parks and Recreation Jen Fletcher said.

This shoreline stabilization project is just one of many upcoming projects at Gray's Lake.

“Between the shoreline stabilization project, we’re going to have the Gray's Lake station bridge, we’re going to have some other trail projects and then the passageway under Fleur so there’s going to be lots of things happening at Gray's Lake and we’ll keep the public informed in the best way we can,” Fletcher said.

The project starts September 1st and will continue through the summer of 2019. Yoga in the park will move to Union Park for the entire month of September.

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