Insiders 9/2/18 Metro Mayor’s Husband Suffers Heart Attack After Council Meeting

DES MOINES, Iowa–Johnston Mayor Paula Dierenfeld has vowed to learn C.P.R. after her husband suffered a heart attack driving home from a city council meeting. Dave Roederer, the director of the Iowa Department of Management, was driving the couple home August 6th when the heart attack occurred. Roederer also suffered a heart attack about 25 years ago and has heart disease.

From the Channel 13 archives: Arizona Senator John McCain, who was running for President in the 2008 election, joked with an audience in Ames in 2007 after a microphone wouldn't cooperate. McCain died last month following a year-long battle with brain cancer.

Some new numbers offer a glimpse of the economic climate that could impact Iowa's race for governor in November.

Educators in Decatur and Ringghold Counties held an all-day session to find better ways to serve students who are dealing with trauma.

Chris Coffelt, who is the superintendent at Lamoni Community Schools and Central Decatur Community Schools, takes the Insiders Quick 6.