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Des Moines Civic Center Hopes to Complete Construction mid-September

DES MOINES, Iowa –The Des Moines Civic Center will complete construction mid-September, weather permitting.

Communications manager Jonathan Brendemuehl said the exterior on the side of 3rd Street will look similar to Cowles Commons.

“Well people can expect to see the same red carpet motif from Cowles Commons brought on to the Civic Center block. We actually purchased the granite and bricks at the same time that we renovated Cowles Commons, so that they would age as similarity as possible,” Brendemuehl said.

In addition, bollards will be installed on 3rd Street to enhance pedestrian security.

Brendemuehl said people will see brand new signage informing the public on upcoming shows and events. There will be brand new seating, a new marquee, additional trash cans and an enhanced loading dock.

“The Civic Center is a 40-year-old gem. It is incumbent upon us to make sure that we maintain it in a way that is befitting in what our guests expect. Each summer we take a couple of months and do major to minor renovations throughout the building and this year it just so happens to be a pretty major renovation,” Brendemuehl said.

The interior of the Civic Center is getting new LED lights in both lobbies and the stage floor is being replaced.

The Sequel to Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, is the first performance following renovations in October.

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