House Ethics Committee Investigating Congressman Rod Blum

WASHINGTON, DC  —  The US House of Representatives’ Committee on Ethics is reviewing an alleged violation of rules by Iowa Congressman Rod Blum.

Chairwoman Susan Brooks, an Indiana Republican, and Ranking Member Theodore Deutch, a Florida Democrat, announced the inquiry on Tuesday.  Their committee will investigate whether or not Blum violated House ethics rules when he failed to disclose his ownership of a digital marketing company named ‘Tin Moon’.

According to Roll Call, the company specialized in helping individuals and companies that had violated FDA safety violations by hiding that news on internet search results beneath positive news.  The company’s website included a false testimonial from one of Blum’s top staffers in Washington.

Congressman Blum released a lengthy statement in response to the announcement of the inquiry.  Despite the fact it comes from a bipartisan committee, Blum says Democrats in Washington and in Iowa for the inquiry.

“Abby Finkenauer, Nancy Pelosi, and the radical left have realized they can’t compete in the arena of issues and ideas. That is why they have waged a crusade of personal destruction on me and other principled leaders working to drain the swamp in Washington – this is the Swamp fighting back.

Rather than present solutions, the Democratic elite aim to destroy their opponents’ reputations through distortions.  In my case they scream “ETHICS VIOLATION!” over a clerical error on a form. Once this minor error was brought to my attention, I immediately self-reported to the Ethics Committee and apologized.  Even the House Committee on Ethics states that administrative oversights on financial disclosures are not uncommon, and between 30-50 percent of all reports reviewed by the Committee contain errors. Still, the complicit media continues to take its cues from the Democratic party and they work to make mountains out of molehills in order to deliver an election scandal headline.

Fortunately, the American public and Iowans are wise enough to see through this. And certainly it is ironic that my opponent Abby Finkenauer, who was found GUILTY of her own ethics violations in the state of Iowa, is being afforded a platform by her party to maliciously accuse me on the same front. Clearly these accusations are a result of the left’s diminishing relevance to the average American family.”

The announcement from the Committee on Ethics says the inquiry does not indicate a violation has occurred.  The committee plans to announce its findings in “on or before December 17th”.  That will be six weeks after the 2018 elections.

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