Flood Warning

High Water Impacts Chelsea- Closes Roads near Iowa River

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CHELSEA, Iowa- This Tama County Town has been known for years as a town which is prone to flooding from the nearby Iowa River. It does not flood every year, but this year with all the rainfall,
the Iowa River has backed up water across the main north south road in town.

Shane and Sam Behounek were walking though the water this morning with their kids. They keep the vehicle parked at the bank, so they don’t drive through the water.

“We get a lot of rain it just kind of happens that way,” said Shane. “We got about a foot to two foot in our basement it it always goes in and then we got to pump it out, it is what it is.”

The couple deal with the water, what is harder any rubber-neckers who come to see a flood.

“People drive through just to see the water, but they’re pushing more water into the houses and ditches,” said Sam Behounek. “So if you don’t live here, stay away.”

In nearby Benton County Highway 21 was closed just south of Belle Plaine. Water from the Iowa River covered the road starting on Tuesday. It remained closed on Wednesday. For people who live here, losing the state highway is not a real big deal.

“I had to drive over to Marengo and get my check,” said Derek Wandling, of Belle Planie. “There’s five different ways you can get in and out of town here. It wasn’t that big of a deal, it’s pretty normal, this isn’t something that’s a surprise.”

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