Marchers Raise Awareness for Dakota Access Pipeline Supreme Court Case

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- In the shadow of the Supreme Court building a group of Iowans gathered to raise awareness for a case that will be heard there on September 12.

The case is pits the Sierra Club and land owners against the Iowa Utilities Board. Claiming the IUB violated the law in granting permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline which now cuts across the state, the group will be marching from Des Moines to Fort Dodge along the pipeline’s path.  They say with the pipe in the ground it’s been out of sight and out of mind for some Iowans.

“This is definitely to remind people that we are still here, we’re still fighting. We haven’t forgot about our stance and out fight and we will continue” said Trisha Etringer.

For Etringer the fight is personal. A member of the Ho-Chunk Nation of Nebraska, she says a crude oil pipeline flowing through both native and farm land is unacceptable.

“This is indigenous land. All of it. So, we have to remind people this is our ancestors, this is us, we are connected to this land” she said.

For others, the march was another step in a long journey of protesting the pipeline.

“I was arrested twice fighting against the DAPL pipeline and I was at standing rock three times” said Miriam Kashia.

Kashia represents the group Grannies for a Livable Future. She’ll also be walking the 90 miles.

“I’m willing to do what it takes. I won’t hurt anybody, I won’t damage property, but I will put myself on the line and I have over and over and over again” she said.

The march will conclude on Saturday the 8th.

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