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Clive Fire Department Reminding People to Have a Fire Extinguisher in House

CLIVE, Iowa – The Clive Fire Department is reminding people to have a fire extinguisher in every household in case of an emergency.

Clive Fire Chief Rick Roe said a house fire over the weekend resulted from a lightning strike.

“The fire was up in the ceiling of the basement. The homeowner noticed that and had a fire extinguisher accessible and was able to quickly put the fire out,” Roe said.

Once a year, you should check to make sure your fire extinguisher is good.

“Your fire extinguisher will have a gauge on it and if it is in the green area it’s ready to go and fully charged. What you want to do with those is once a year turn them upside down, tap them real hard and hit them with a rubber hammer. That keeps the powder in there loose. It doesn’t let it cake up,” Roe said.

Roe said it is recommended that every household have updated smoke detectors near bedrooms so if they go off, people can hear them in the middle of the night.

Two common types of home fires include electrical and cooking. Roe said electrical fires are a result from too many items plugged into one outlet.

“Cooking fires, the big thing is don’t throw water on it. It will make the fire worse. It will make it bigger. If you are unable to cover the pan or you don’t have an ABC type fire extinguisher, just let it go and call 911,” Roe said.

Roe recommends people should have some sort of plan in case of a fire and to practice it multiple times a year.

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