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Man Living in Iowa After Hurricane Maria Criticizes Trump Tweets on Death Toll

DES MOINES, Iowa -- If everything was normal, 78-year old Puerto Rican native Angel Torres would be living town of Juana Diaz. However, things aren't normal, hurricane Maria hit almost one year ago.

“You could see the wires on the tree falling down and everything, I almost cried when that happened because I thought the house was going to blow up” said Torres.

The hurricane devastated the island and left Torres with few options.

“I didn't have no water, I didn't have no light, no nothing” he said.

Torres decided to move to Des Moines where his daughters live.  They've recently opened a restaurant in Windsor Heights, and help raise money to send back to the island. He says the island is still devastated.

“A lot of people still don't have no water, no lights, no place to live” said Torres.

And a lot of people lost their life. An independent study conducted by George Washington University estimates that just under 3,000 people died as a result of the storm. That takes into account people who died in the aftermath due to a lack of medical services or power. On Thursday, President Trump denied the numbers tweeting "This was done by the democrats to make me look as bad as possible". He offered no evidence to support his claim. Torres feels like the president dropped the ball in providing aid to U.S. citizens.

“He didn't want to help Puerto Rico. He gave them help, but a little bit, not enough.

According to an article published by PBS, FEMA awarded nearly $7,000 per household for people affected by Hurricane Harvey, and just under $3,000 per household for Hurricane Maria.

With a handful of storms already spinning up in the Atlantic, Torres fears for the future.

“People there don’t know what to do, they don't know where to go” he said.

Torres hopes to return to the island in December.

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