Political Candidates and Volunteers Hit the Pavement Ahead of November Election

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Both democrats and republicans say talking with voters face to face when they canvass neighborhoods is an extremely important piece of the political process.

Candidates and volunteers are hitting the pavement hard as the November election approaches and some candidates are even looking ahead to the 2020 election.

“This is how we get people to vote and this is how we bring our message to everybody,” Governor Kim Reynolds supporter Jonas Cutler said.

Cutler said he was out canvassing with his daughter because even though she is not of voting age he wants her to be involved.

“This is America and we have to have our children grow up and understand how to live in a republic. We are seeing kind of bad actions now and as you saw before, we don’t need to have that kind of conduct. We need to have more dialogue,” Cutler said.

The Cutlers put their words into action when they ran into Democratic Presidential Candidate Congressman John Delaney and Iowa House District 42 Candidate Kristin Sunde while they were out canvassing in West Des Moines on Sunday

“The gentleman was with his daughter and we ran into them and we were both kind of going to the same house and we had a great conversation. It’s just a reminder, so many elected officials act like half the country is entirely wrong about everything they believe, but the American people know that’s not true,” delaney said.

Sunde said conversation is just as important as participation. Canvassers also talk a lot about getting out to the polls to vote.

“I got the chance to meet a woman and her husband was downstairs busy on the computer and her husband was 100 years old and still interested in the political process. And wanted an absentee ballot and we were able to give them a little bit of information about our campaign and get him an absentee ballot so he can still participate like all Iowans should do,” Sunde said.

For more information about absentee ballots or to find your polling place you can head over to the Secretary of State’s website.

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