High School Junior Doing Great Years After Brother Gave Her Bone Marrow

DES MOINES, Iowa –All siblings tease each other, but one pair has a twist to the typical rivalry.

This is the start of a very busy season for Megan Ford. “I love marching band. The competitions are really fun," she said.

Her brother Noah is also part of the Saydel Marching Band. “I'm bass 3, which plays the 2nd least of everybody,” said the 8th Grader.

The marching band isn't the only thing the siblings have in common. "It's a pretty normal sibling relationship. We're talking about all those crimes we can frame each other for because we have the same DNA now."

In June of 2014, then nine-year-old Noah, donated bone marrow to 12-year-old Megan. She was diagnosed with T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in February of that year. She needed the transplant to prevent the cancer from coming back.

Noah was a perfect match. We talked to them before the transplant. Megan said, "He's already holding it over my head.”

Noah added, “She asked me to do something. I'm like, I'm giving you bone marrow, so..."

Four years later, and that hasn't changed. Megan said, "It's a lot of holding it over my head."

"So, like if I want her to do something and she says no, I say, well, I gave you bone marrow, so you should give me this,” said Noah.

Dad Tom Ford said, "I think it's really brought them a lot closer together, though they'd never admit, but I believe it."

Mom Linda Ford said, “They're teenagers, so they have that typical brother/sister relationship.”

As the Ford siblings get ready to take the field, the theme of this year's show is fitting for the family. Noah said, "The Hand You Are Dealt, and the show is about how you can't really change how life is, you just have to deal with it."

They’ve been dealing with something that changed their lives, in ways they couldn't imagine. "Even though we like to tease each other, and we like to make fun of each other, I know what he did for me was something amazing and I'm really proud of him for doing it,” said Megan.

Megan continues to have regular check-up with specialists, including a cardiologist and endocrinologist. She was considered cancer free after the bone marrow transplant, but she had to stay how from school the following year as she built up her immune system.

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