Three Suspects In Custody Following Attempted Home Invasion

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Police say they have three male suspects in custody on Tuesday after they tried to break into a house on the south side of Des Moines.

Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parizek said police were called to the 1800 block of Frazier Avenue around noon by a neighbor who said they saw people breaking into a home with a gun.

Parizek said the residents of the home were inside while it happened but, were able to get to a neighbors house and also call police.

Officers received descriptions of three male suspects and saw them running around in the area.

Police say they were able to arrest two of the suspects, but one of them would not surrender.

Parizek said officers released one of their K9's to stop the suspect and he ended up with several dog bites and was taken to the hospital.

He said they do not believe this was a random home invasion.

“There are some characteristics here that would indicate that they probably knew why they were coming to this house, three people, a gun. It's not your typical daytime burglar who doesn't expect to catch anyone at home,” Parizek said.

Neighbors said this isn't the first time the police have been called to their street and one of them watched it all unfold while she was on her front porch.

"We saw a group of kids talking to the officer. And then we saw them look back towards the back of the house and they said, ‘oh crap,’ and then we heard, ‘gun.’ And they all dipped down and ran away. And then we saw the cops running in front of the houses, towards the back of someone's house and they pulled out their guns. And then next thing we knew we saw someone arrested in the front yard," Des Moines resident Michaela Cubit said.

Parizek said the public is not in danger because they believe it was a targeted attack and all suspects are in custody.

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