Impacted Drivers Won’t Get Money From $148 Million Uber Settlement

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Uber has expanded to more cities in Iowa. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa– Iowa is part of a nationwide lawsuit against popular ride-sharing company Uber.

It was settled Wednesday for $148 million.

Back in 2016, Uber says hackers gained access to some personal information from 57 million customers, and about 600,000 drivers nearly 400 of them were Iowans.

Uber tracked down the hackers, paid a ransom, and destroyed the information.

The lawsuit was sparked after it took a year for Uber to report the data breach, .

Failure to report a data breach in a “timely manner” is against Iowa law. 

“Well timely notification to both the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, and the people affected is important, so people can be on guard to make sure their identity isn’t being stolen,” Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said.

As part of the nationwide lawsuit, Iowa gets just over $600,000, but the affected drivers wont get any of it.

“Iowa, and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office; to enforce the consumer law and to do things like we are doing here, get the 613,000. Drivers do not get any money because they were not harmed,” Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said.

Apart of the settlement, Uber must tighten up their data breach protocol.

Nothing in the settlement prevents drivers from suing.

There is a class-action lawsuit in California that is in arbitration

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