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Political Experts React To Iowans Supporting U.S Sen. Grassley

INDIANOLA, Iowa-- The chairman of the Judiciary Committee is United States Senator Chuck Grassley.

Grassley is leading the hearing, and despite his efforts to confirm Judge Kavanaugh some Iowans strongly support him.

“I think if you look at Iowa politics, Iowans like to like our leaders," Simpson College Professor of Political Science Eduardo Magalhaes said.

A new poll conducted by the Des Moines Register shows out of 800 adult Iowans, 50% approve of Grassley's work.

Grassley's disapprove rate dropped to 36%, and 14% are unsure.

“I really do not understand how we can be so supportive of someone who is so blatantly against supporting survivors and victims, that’s important to me," Simpson college student Madeline Schulenberg said.

Other students understand why so many Iowans support Grassley.

“In Iowa with the traditionally high republican vote I think because he has been around for a long time you are going to have people side with him no matter what,” student Mason Burkhart said.

Among the polled, 37% of agree with Grassley, that Kavanaugh should be confirmed, 31% do not, and 32% are unsure.

“It’s what you would expect that there would be a good healthy third of the population here in Iowa who want to see and then decide whether Kavanaugh is qualified to be on the supreme court," Simpson College Professor of Political Science Eduardo Magalhaes said.

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