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New Juicery and Meal Prep Store Opens in Des Moines with Free Smoothies

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Eating healthy can be difficult and meal prepping can be a lot of work. A new meal-prep store in Des Moines makes it easy to grab a quick and healthy meal on the go or help you plan meals for the week.

Evolve Juicery and Kitchen is located on 6th Ave. and Walnut St. and it opens this week after a final inspection on Tuesday.

If the inspection is passed it should be open either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. However, Evolve is giving away free smoothies all day on Tuesday.

You pay by the meal and they sell breakfast, soup, salad and desert for $5 - $6 and lunch and dinner for $10 - $11.

"We want people to enjoy what they are eating. A lot of our clients are busy professionals or people with different auto immune diseases or allergies who are forced to eat a specific diet," Evolve Chef and Owner Caleb Fechter said.

Evolve also sells cold-pressed juices and smoothies. "In every 16 oz. juice we use two pounds of produce. So in our green juice, it's like eating a two pound salad but in a liquid form," Fechter said.

The juices run at $8.50 for 16 oz. and $5 for 8oz.

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