Flooding Concerns in Adel

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ADEL, Iowa -- Between 2002 and 2010, Lenhart Plumbing was flooded three times.

"The first time, it was probably four feet of water through here," said Kathy Vonnahme. "So, we had to totally gut everything and redo it. The second time it was just probably three or four inches. And the last time was just enough to take everything off the floor. So, we have the left the business as it is since then."

Vonnahme says if it happens again, that might be a wrap for Lenhart Plumbing.

"I would probably have to say the owner would probably think about retirement."

Lenhart is located right next to a bridge on highway 169, by Island Park Campground and Soccer Complex.

"The concern there is that water could encroach on the approaches of the bridge and then make that impassable," saidĀ AJ Seely, Dallas County Emergency Management Agency Coordinator. "Which would cause a significant detour. The other thing is, depending on where the water level comes in, is could cause some flooding in the park..."

Seely says Dallas County Emergency Management is collaborating with other agencies to prepare for the potential flooding.

"We've preplanned a detour route," said Seely. "And that would be the alternative if we can't prevent the water from going over..."

See below the information Seely provided to WHO on said detour route:


Regarding the possibility of Highway 169 closing due to rising floodwater, the DOT indicated the following detour route if needed:

East on Highway 6 to R22 (T Ave).

North on R22 (T Ave) to Highway 44.

West on Highway 44 to Highway 169.

Southbound traffic will follow the same route.

(K Ave) P58 between F51 (280th Street) and Highway 44 should be avoided due to road construction.


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