Wednesday’s Severe Weather Did Not Prompt All Tornado Sirens

DES MOINES, Iowa-- The National Weather Service confirms that ten tornadoes touched down in Iowa on Wednesday evening.

"There is that heavy rain and it got dark outside here we go with another tornado," Johnston resident Wanda Barkdoll said.

There were no injuries reported in any of those storms, thanks in part to early warnings and weather sirens.

But not all those sirens were necessary.

A tornado siren in Johnston woke Wanda Barkdoll up, and sent her scrambling to take cover.

“I got up and looked outside and got my blanket and my cold medicine," Barkdoll said.

Polk County Emergency Management says that shouldn’t have happened.

“Technically they were outside of that warning area that is certainly not our preference but based on clustering and a judgement call that at least the warned area was covered," Polk county Emergency Management A.J. Mumm said.

Channel 13's Meteorologist say a tornado warning about twenty miles from Johnston sent Barkdoll and thousands of others into a panic.

Sirens were sounded in Ankeny, Altoona, Pleasant Hill, and Polk City.

Folks there were alerted about a tornado, but there was no serious threat of a tornado touching down.

“I wish they had better control over it because then we do know that when we do hear it, it really is time so you have more confidence when you hear the sirens," Barkdoll said.

A.J. Mumm agrees, saying the siren system could be more accurate.

“We are trying to make that transition into a phase where we can be as precise as possible down to an individual siren the fact is we are not there yet," Mumm said.

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