Ames City Council Votes to Do Away With Parking on Welch Avenue

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AMES, Iowa- The Ames City Council has been studying for a number of weeks what to do with Welch Avenue here in Campustown. They took a survey and ask the users of this road what they would like and it came back that they like to see it be more bicycle friendly.”

“The overall plan for Campus Town area is to replace the utility infrastructure that exists,” said Ames Mayor Joh Haila “That includes water and sewer lines below Welch Avenue between Lincoln Way and Chamberlain which is the 100 block of Welch Avenue.”

The infra-structure work meant the Council needed to take action. The Council looked at a number of options one they selected included bike lanes on each side and traffic down the middle, leaving no room for parking. This move to make Welch Avenue bicycle friendly, the City Council and staff realize it’s impacting local businesses in the 100 block of Welch.

“Sometimes two blocks or sometimes they can’t find a space and they have to cancel their appointment, it’s happened a few times,” said Joe Evans, Owner of Campustown Cuts. Evans said customers walking further would mean he would have to add more time slots, work longer and make less money. He would like to see the planters placed on Welch last year, removed as they also take up parking spots.

“There already is metered parking lot Lincoln Way, there’s metered parking along Chamberlain Avenue which is a block which runs east and west south of this area,” said Haila. “We also have the Inter-modal facility which is built a number of years ago and that has adequate public parking it’s also metered as well.”

The construction on Welch Avenue could begin next spring.

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