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Ankeny Working to Improve Traffic Flow and Reduce Delays

ANKENY, Iowa -- "I think it's horrendous," said Bev Nance. "Really bad. Really bad." Nance says it takes forever to get through town. "And, I'm usually a pretty patient person, but yes, I think it's a hassle."

Just how bad the traffic is depends on the time of day, but during busy times, drivers say it takes longer than it should for them to get to where they need to go.

"If you`re out during like the five o`clock traffic, or especially like this area around Delaware (Ave) anytime during like the lunch hour, it can get really crazy," said Andrew Wardrup...I moved up here from Dallas, and I'm used to bad traffic and here during lunch, it gets as bad as back home."

"...In the morning, when people are going to work or of course in the evening, then it's not very pleasant driving through Ankeny," said Lisa Stackhouse. "You`re backed up a lot. You can't get through intersections very well."

The city is trying improve that traffic flow and reduce delays by updating traffic signal timing at 48 intersections on seven major corridors.

"Now with the new traffic counts, and studies we`ve done in the past year, we`re able to retime those signals to give more green time to maybe in a certain direction based on traffic volumes," said Mark Mueller, Ankeny's Public Works Director. "The goal here is to improve the traffic flow and efficiency, and you know, an additional five seconds for a movement. I mean that`s two or three cars right there. So, every little bit`s gonna help."


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