Young and Axne Rip Farm Bureau’s Limited Health Care Plan That Republicans Passed in Iowa

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JOHNSTON, Iowa--The first and only live televised debate Thursday night between two Iowa Third District Congressional candidates didn't have quite the fire a debate the previous night did with Governor Kim Reynolds and Democrat Fred Hubbell. But it did show both agreements and disagreements on some major areas.

Both Congressman David Young, a Van Meter Republican, and Cindy Axne, a West Des Moines business woman, criticized a health care plan sponsored by the Farm Bureau that the Republican-led legislature and Republican governor approved this past legislative session. The plan offers a potential cheaper option for consumers but doesn't guarantee coverage for people with pre-existing health conditions. 

Young said, "I don't like the caps. That's in there. I'm against the caps. I don't like the fact that they don't protect those with pre-existing conditions. I have a real problem with that bill."

Axne said, "This plan's not good for Iowans. It doesn't cover people with pre-existing conditions. The unfortunate thing that we're seeing in health care is that a lot of plans are out there but provide very little coverage and don't do much to help people."

The candidates agreed that Congress should ban bump stocks on guns and should not ban transgender Americans from serving in the military as President Trump has suggested. They disagreed on raising the federal minimum wage from its current $7.25 per hour. Young said that should be up to the states. Axne supports a higher minimum wage but didn't disclose what the wage should be.


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