Iowa’s Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin Named

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CORNING, Iowa – A southwest Iowa restaurant has earned bragging rights for 2018 after winning the Iowa Pork Producers Association’s Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin contest.

Steve and Missy Sanson are the owners of Three C’s Diner in Corning and aren’t strangers to the contest – they took second place in 2015.

When the Sansons opened the diner in 2012, they were focused on making sure their breaded tenderloin was superb.

“A great breaded tenderloin was one of the things we wanted to be known for,” Steve said.

The tenderloins are cut each day at the restaurant before being tenderized, dipped in egg, and breaded in a batch of flour and secret spices before being fried up.

"I think the main thing what we find is to make these up, we cut these twice a day, so each shift, our loin is as fresh as it can be," said Steve. "We have a lot of people come in and eat our tenderloin, that’s probably our number one seller."

Three C's is also part of the Iowa Tenderloin Trail, through the Iowa Pork Producers Assn.

There’s 14 restaurants on the passport, people can go throughout the state and get a stamp at each place they get a tenderloin, said Kelsey Byrnes of the Iowa Pork Producers Assn.  Visitors to 10 Iowa Tenderloin Trail Restaurants get a commemorative t-shirt.

Three C’s goes through about 120 pounds of tenderloin a week.

The restaurant is located at 309 9th Street in Corning.

Whatcha Smokin’ BBQ + Brew of Luther came in second in this year’s contest.

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