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Urbandale Flyover Offers Driver Safety, Efficiency and Economic Boost For City


URBANDALE, Iowa -- Commuters familiar with the old looping exit ramp from I-35 north to Highway 141 north near Urbandale were all too familiar with stop and go traffic.  "As the traffic demand has grown for traffic moving north, the system has become overwhelmed," said AJ Johnson, Urbandale's City Manager.  A $44M construction project is underway to fix it.  Johnson said, "Particularly at the 141 interchange, they looked at the situation involving slow downs, accidents and the volume of traffic starting to build in that area."

The 141 flyover interchange aims to allow I-35 northbound drivers to smoothly exit onto Hwy 141.  "So by creating a flyover what you do is segregate the traffic coming off the interstate on that curve and move it safely across and head north."

The flyover will not exist for drivers along Hwy 141 exiting onto southbound I-35.  That exit will remain the same.  Drivers will see a noticeable difference in several areas.  "First and foremost safety, efficiency of moving traffic," said Johnson.

Completion in June of 2020 won't only bring safety to Urbandale traffic.  Between the newly built 100th street interchange, the flyover and the Meredith street diamond interchange, it could bring a windfall of economic opportunity to the city.  Johnson said, "We are just so excited because it opens up close to seven-hundred acres of developmental property in the city of Urbandale.

As officials affectionately call themselves, "Uniquely Urbandale," road projects are providing unique opportunities for their city`s future.  "When you look at how the city has grown and where our growth potential is and the impact not only on existent business but the future of business in our community, really the possibilities are almost endless," said Johnson.

The flyover and the Meredith diamond interchange will be paid for with state and federal funds.

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