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50-Year-Old Time Capsule Opened at Des Moines Post Office

DES MOINES, Iowa --  Today the US Postal Service in Des Moines took a glimpse back into its past.

Wednesday morning a time capsule sealed in the Main Post Office building 50 years ago was re-opened according to the instructions left behind by the former post master in 1968.  Inside the capsule they found plenty of newspapers from around the area along with historic photos and records.  Nothing too valuable was inside except for a two dollar bill and a fifty cent piece.

Postmaster Adam Griswold says its fun to look back but also to think about what the next 50 years will bring.   "Where we would be 50 years from I have no idea. If we put a time capsule in today what would be in there?  Cell phones?  Bluetooth devices?", Griswold said, "It's kinda fun to think of where we would be.

One item in the time capsule was surprisingly unchanged from 50 years ago.

The former Postmaster's business card looks just like the ones still handed out today.