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Red Cross Seeks More Volunteers to Help with Hurricane Michael Recovery

DES MOINES, Iowa – Central Iowa American Red Cross is hosting an information session to find new volunteers Wednesday.

The community-based humanitarian organization is looking to send an additional 50 volunteers to help with current response efforts in the southeast following Hurricane Michael.

Central Iowa American Red Cross Disaster Program Manager Keith Kuperman said there are currently 10 volunteer in Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

“90 percent of all of the work that is being conducted by the red cross is from volunteers. It’s not the employees. It’s the volunteers that are on the front lines, making sure that everyone is OK across the country,” Kuperman said.

The information sessions will go into detail about what is expect once deployed.

Kuperman said some of the tasks include: handing out emergency supplies, making sure facilities are safe and clean, handing out food and snacks but most importantly mass care. Mass care means caring for the people who have lost everything.

Kuperman said there have been a number of disasters, beginning with the floods back in July.

“It’s been nonstop. That’s why it is really important right now that we do have some new volunteers come into our organization. We want to have them get trained, we want to empower them with all the resources and tools to make them successful as a volunteer with the red cross,” Kuperman said.

Kuperman said people who volunteer and get deployed spend a minimum of two weeks on location.

There is an information session Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. People can call the Red Cross conference line at 1-866-617-3597 participant ID: 585288#