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Reynolds, Hubbell Face Off in Second Gubernatorial Debate

SIOUX CITY, Iowa--  Claims of hypocrisy and allegations of mismanagement mark a heated second debate in the race to become Iowa's governor.

The election is less than three weeks away and both candidates know it will be close.

Three high profile Iowa sexual misconduct cases came up during Wednesday’s debate.

Fred Hubbell and Governor Reynolds were asked how they plan to end the so called “locker room atmosphere” in the work place.

“It’s about bringing more women into leadership positions if you look at the face of my cabinet are strong, bold women that are leading, that’s how we are going to change the culture,” Governor Kim Reynolds said.

Fred Hubbell questioned that response.

“It’s been about ten years that the governor has been involved in that toxic culture, and we have seen hardly any changes. We do need to change the culture, but we need to stop talking about it and take steps like the “whistle blower” process”.

The two also sparred over education funding.

With Hubbell critical of last year's 1.1% funding increase for k-12 education.

“For the last three years in a row this administration and the prior administration have cut the budget for our schools, have cut the budget for community colleges, tuition keeps going up, student debt keeps going up. We are not managing the budget properly, we are not stopping the wasteful corporate give a ways, Fred Hubbell said.

The Governor disagreed.

“We can not fall into the trap of measuring the quality of education by the shear number of dollars that we put into it, if we are not preparing our young people for the jobs of today and tomorrow then we are failing,” Governor Kim Reynolds said.

A lot of disagreement, but both agree that no one wins in President Trump's trade war against China, and protecting Iowa farmers is a priority.

The two candidates will debate for a third and final time this weekend.

That debate will take place Sunday morning at 8:00 in Davenport.

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