Neighbors in Indianola Fed Up Over Lingering Stench

INDIANOLA, Iowa-- The fresh air is hard to come by in one Indianola neighborhood and it’s been that way for nearly two weeks.

"It smells really bad, it’s just awful,” resident Leora Moen said.

The Moen's apple tree sits across the street from Heartland Co-Op.

The family is talking about the putrid smell permeating from their silos.

The silos are supposed to house fresh corn and soybean grain, but the company says the Moens’ aren’t smelling that.

Instead, they're smelling burned, rotten soybean grain.

"The soybeans would have been in bad condition from that side of it we had a fire afterward and we put the fire out right away and at this point we are trying to get the rest of the soybeans out at this point," Director of Safety at Heartland Co-Op Bill Chizek said.

Indianola Fire Department says that fire wasn't the first, firefighters have responded there three times in the past two months on reports of a fire.

Heartland Co-Op and the fire department do not know how any of those fires started.

“That’s something we will investigate on our own to try and figure out what happened," Director of Safety at Heartland Co-Op Bill Chizek said.

Heartland Co-Op says they hope to have the silos cleaned out, and the smell gone over the next day or so.

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