Iowa Congressional Candidate Celebrates His Crowd Vs. Crowd for VP Pence’s Visit

Ames, Iowa–If crowd size mattered, Iowa Democrats may have a good night on November 6th, at least when comparing two recent campaign rallies.

Fourth District Congressional candidate J.D. Scholten, a Sioux City Democrat, drew a crowd of 750 at Iowa State Sunday afternoon in a joint event with Secretary of State candidate Deidre DeJear, a Des Moines Democrat. Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont, headlined the event. Sanders also took part in campaign events in Sioux City and Fort Dodge.

Scholten told the crowd that he didn’t believe in the “Blue Wave,” the term Democrats use to describe what they hope will be an especially strong resurgence of victories in November’s mid-term elections. Scholten looked out at the filled room and compared it to a much smaller gathering Friday at a Des Moines hotel when Vice President Mike Pence led a rally for Third District Congressman David Young, a Van Meter Republican, and Governor Kim Reynolds.

DeJear pushed supporters, many of whom were college students, to show up to vote if they want to solve the issues plaguing people right now.