Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Prompts Emergency Training In Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa-- The Jewish community is trying to come to terms with the tragedy that happened in Pittsburgh.

“We are deeply saddened to hear of the attack on Jewish worshipers," Mark Finkelstein with the Jewish Federation said.

Now, some local synagogues are looking at adding safety measures.

“The times we live in are violent times and intolerant times we cannot as a country live without respecting one another," Mark Finkelstein with the Jewish Federation said.

August Geisinger is trained in emergency operations, he says respect won’t save you when push comes to shove.

Geisinger says sanctuary's need to consider locking their doors during a ceremony.

“Maybe not having every single door to the church open having a door open where we can look and see who is coming in and react appropriately," August Geisinger said.

Among locking the door, Geisinger says there are other steps institutions can take to stay safe.

“Recognize two different ways out as you go into the event understand where threats might come from and know how to get away from them. Personally, talk with your family members," August Geisinger said.

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