Previous Iowa Jackpot Winners Offer Advice to Unknown Lottery Ticket Holder

BONDURANT, Iowa --  We still don't know who's holding the $688 million Powerball Jackpot ticket that was purchased in Dallas County last week. Whomever it is, will split the money with a winner from New York.

The rumor mill is churning has to who the lucky person is. It's a secret a Bondurant couple was forced to keep once.

"It's like when you're pregnant," says  Mary Lohse. "You're the only ones that know. It's a fun first couple of days when nobody else knows it."

Brian and Mary Lohse won a $202 million from Powerball in 2012. News of a new Iowa jackpot winner is nostalgic.

"I feel for them. We understand it and we're happy for them and they are going to have a lot of fun," says Brian Lohse.

With the fun, Lohse says comes a lot of work. The couple turned their fortune into a community investment by building a gym and grocery store from the ground up. They still meet with their financial and legal teams on a regular basis.

"You may plan to work and it may be a good idea and you think your going to but it suddenly becomes a full-time job," he says.

The pair says they were never hounded by long-lost relatives asking for money but they were sought out by strangers to help them with their needs. The Lohse's says they've been forced to draw the line when it comes to handouts but say their goal all along was to help make sure their family, church and community were taken care of.

The Iowa Lottery predicts it could be days even weeks before a winner comes forward. The winner must do so publicly under Iowa Law.


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