Two Dogs Dead After Early Morning Attack

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Two dogs are dead after police say a man’s dog was attacked early Tuesday morning.

Police say around 5:30 a.m. Michael Hager was walking his small dog on East 27th Street when he came upon two dogs he believed to be pit-bulls.

Hager says he picked up his dog and was followed home by the two dogs. According to the police report, when Hager got home one of the dogs attacked him, ripping the small dog from his hands and attacking it.  Hager picked up is dog and tossed it over his fence. He went inside and got his gun.

Hager alleges that when he came outside the dog was trying to jump over the fence, so he shot and killed it. His dog had to be put down following its injuries.

The owner of the dog which was shot is speaking out. Wanting to be identified as “Bud” he says his dog was a mastiff, not a pit-bull.

He says he wishes Hager didn’t pull the trigger.

“He could have shot into the air and scared my dog away and he could have came back. He was like my baby, I raised him ever since he was a pup” said Bud.

Bud says he was alerted by his fiance that his dogs were gone around five in the morning. He says he always keeps them fenced in.

“It was open around five o’clock and I don’t know who did it. It has a little loop that goes over the bar, and they don’t even know how to open it” he said.

Bud says his dog was not known to be aggressive towards smaller dogs or people.

“My dog would not attack nobody unless he was provoked…he’s not vicious towards anybody, he loves humans” said Bud.

Police say the ARL visually identified Bud’s dog as a pit-bull but will do further testing.

Police say Hager suffered minor injuries to his arm in the attack. According to the report Hager was extremely upset and police took his firearm for safe keeping.

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