Martial Arts Dojo Helping Students Combat Bullying

JOHNSTON, Iowa – During October, National Bullying Prevention Month, a local dojo has been helping teach metro kids how to respond to bullying.

Dojo's Family Martial Arts joined second grade classes at Horizon Elementary School in Johnston to stand up to bullying.

The lesson was not in how to fight back, but how to empower the students to use their voice and get help when necessary.

“First you got to be nice. You got to make sure you are communicating with that person. If that person won’t leave you alone, then you have to get the attention from other people. So, that is why we have to use that confident voice and say ‘Stop! Leave me alone.’ And then third, you have to get help from the teacher. And there, we didn’t show any punches or kicks or anything like that. We just had our hands up to make sure they are safe. If a punch does come up, their hands are there to protect them and not be an aggressor,” said Salih Jahic, head instructor at Dojo’s Martial Arts in Johnston.

Dojo's goal is to reach 5,000 kids this October for National Bullying Awareness Month.