King Addresses Controversy Surrounding Trip to Austria

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Congressman Steve King directly addressed the allegation that he met with far-right Austrians with Nazi ties on a trip funded by a Holocaust memorial group.

"They have lined themselves up to be against anti-Semites there," said King. "There's no party that's stronger, pushing back against anti-Semites in Austria, than the Freedom Party, that`s there."

King blames the controversy on an article in the Washington Post.

"The entire fiasco that you`ve seen here in this state, for the last three days or so, is all based on the lies on this page right here, that I`ve just soundly refuted," said King, holding up a copy of the article. "And, now the whole thing collapses and we find out how foolish everybody looks that takes the first bait and embraces it, because you`re of another political party, you want it to be true."

King said he bought his own plane ticket to Vienna.

"It was all out of my pocket," said King. "Nobody got duped to fly me over there. It had nothing to do with anything that is alleged in this entire article. It had to do with business interests that are there and people that wanted to know about the politics of the United States of America and gave me a polite invitation. And, I won't tell you who they are, because they don't deserve to be drugged through this either."


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