Iowans Debate Whether Political Text Messages Are Legal

DES MOINES, Iowa--  On your TV, in your mailbox, and now political messages are showing up on your phone.

Whether those campaign texts are legal is up for debate.

According to the FCC political pre-automated or auto dialed calls and text messages are not allowed but using a live person at one of the steps experts say legitimizes the text or call.

People say they're getting texts messages from unknown numbers claiming to be politicians who are sending a reminder to vote and asking them to vote for a certain candidate.

Some wonder if that’s legal.

"It depends on the facts of the situation, in general political speech has more protection that commercial speech," Communications Director for the Iowa Attorney General’s Office Lynn Hicks said.

According to the FCC, if the messages are auto-generated, you first must agree to get the messages.

Some people contacted us and said they didn’t.

“The tricky thing is a lot of times if you don’t read the fine print, some people will check a little box that says, yes I am OK receiving text messages from you," Hicks said.

If you did opt out but are still getting messages report it to the Iowa Attorney General's Office, and it could result in a violation.

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