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Military Veterans Using Art to Connect

National Veterans Creative Arts Festival (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — A veterans’ organization wasn’t in Des Moines this weekend to campaign, but instead was hoping to use art as a way to make a connection.

“What I saw was compassion, empathy, caring, love. Things that I thought I was alone in as a veteran,” said Feet Jensen, a veteran and visual artist.

The National Veterans Creative Arts Festival is made up of top performers and artists, all of whom are veterans. They’ve spent the last week in Des Moines taking part in art lessons and competitions, as well as special ceremonies meant to build comradery between veterans.

“Which really enables veterans of all capabilities to be able to participate in the program. Whether you’re a fine artist or you’re working on craft kits or something in between, there’s something that anyone whose a veteran can partake in and compete in,” veteran and visual artist Michael King.

The festival featured 51 different kinds of visual arts, with 150 veterans competing.

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