Goldfield Cheese Mart Turns 50- Serving Up Cheese and Community

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GOLDFIELD, Iowa- Since 1968, for 50 years now the Goldfield Cheese Mart has kept cheese lovers well supplied. The store in the small Wright County town draws customers from all over.

“Love the people that’s what I like about it,” said owner Sandi Gangstead. “I get to meet the most unique individuals to come in here they come with grandmas, grandpas, moms, and dad’s, and school kids.”

The store is known for it’s list of some seventy types of cheeses, which come from a supplier in Wisconsin.

“Oh Sandi that was way too hot,” said Gangstead on her customer comments. “Now I only like this one and I’m taking this to my mother-in-law, she only likes the Colby Jack, do you still have the caraway seeds, can we get the curds?”

Cheese tastes are like people, no two are exactly alike.

“Yes, I like it very much it’s a treat, it’s not for everybody but I enjoy it,” said customer Scott Whyte. “This is the Carolina Reaper Pepper Cheese, and it has a little flame to it.”

Some locals come for the friendship and coffee, more so than cheese. They also bake and serve pastries, including kringla.

“It’s a community center it really is we come for coffee in the morning and she serves a lite lunch at noon,” said customer Jane Whyte.

“My friends and I walk every morning so we walked 3 miles every morning we get done we come here and have coffee with our friends,” said Marge Frakes a customer here. “She’s very friendly we just kind of a daily habit we come have a coffee.”

Sandi loves the stories of her customers, like the family from Des Moines which travels in different vehicles, which leaves notes to other family members about which cheese they have purchased. She also has a male customer who buys cheese instead of flowers to get on his wife’s good side.

The Cheese Mart also gets busy this time of year shipping cheese all over the United States for the holidays.

We’ve even sent it to Kosovo one time, we sent a box, a lady said her son always had called Goldfield Cheese for Christmas, we tried,and he got it!”

If you would like to check out the Goldfield Cheese Mart, click here.

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