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Big Changes in Ankeny When it Snows

ANKENY, Iowa -- There are some new rules in effect in the city of Ankeny for when it snows, and they are big changes. On the city's Facebook Page, some people have posted comments complaining about the new snow ordinance rules. The city responded to those criticisms on Facebook by posting replies to those comments.

Mark Mueller, Ankeny's Public Works Director, says the old way was confusing to people. In the past, only people that lived on certain designated streets, which were the more major streets in the city, had to remove their cars. Now, when a snow ordinance is called, no parking is allowed on any public streets.

"What we found over the past few years is that, that started to be very confusing to people," said Mueller. "And, so, we took a look this last Winter at how could we simplify things for people. And, so, now we’ve gone to this. Basically, it’s a one level snow ordinance where when it starts snowing and it’s not gonna be every time it snows, but when we see the forecast out there for you know, and it’s gonna depend on the type of precipitation, the amount of precipitation, the wind, then you know, if we call a snow ordinance, then parking will have to be removed from all of the streets in the city.”

Mueller says there's not a specific amount of snow that will trigger a snow ordinance.

"We really don’t know what that number is, because you could have two inches of snow with no wind, that really doesn’t present a lot of problems for our snow removal operations," said Mueller. "Or, you could have two inches of snow with a lot of wind that presents a lot of problems. So, calling the snow ordinance is gonna depend on a lot of different factors."

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