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Ankeny Schools Trains All Faculty in Case of an Active Shooter

ANKENY, Iowa – The Ankeny Community School District will train faculty members Monday about what to do during an active shooter situation.

The district trains through ALICE Training Institute. ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.

Ankeny Community Schools Safety Manager Jason Albrecht said both faculty and students will train with ALICE.

“We want people to be able to instantly react to a situation that comes up. We want people to feel like they know what they need to do. The whole thing with ALICE is it’s option based. We want people to feel comfortable with what their options are and implement what they feel is necessary,” Albrecht said.

Senate File 2364 requires all schools in the state of Iowa to have a safety plan in case of a threat, including an active shooter. Schools need to have the plan by July 2019.

On Monday, faculty members will learn how to quickly react to a threat in or around the building, different strategies for barricades, and getting everyone out of the building and away from the threat, etc.

Ankeny Police Department Lieutenant Brian Kroska said using ALICE as a safety measure should not be a concern if someone is considering being an active shooter.

“It is designed in a way to get kids and people safe as quick as possible and away from the shooter through active counter measures, through locking down the building a little bit differently and essentially just getting out of the building as fast as possible. All those things slow down and prevent more casualties,” Kroska said.

Kroska said if anything, it may help prevent someone from becoming an active shooter.

Parents in the district are notified via email, phone call, and text messages there is a threat.

One common question is locating a child if a school is being evacuated. The district said students will be directed to a specific location and parents with a valid identification can pick them up.

Non-custodial parents must be listed on a student’s emergency contact information and show proper identification to claim a child.

Faculty training with an ALICE instructor begins Monday after school.

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