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Seed Cost Barrier for Farmers in Philippines

At the World Food Prize, farmers gathered from around the world as part of the Global Farmer Network, like AD Alvarez from the Philippines. He runs a demonstration farm growing corn. It shows farmers there the benefits of technology.

He farms more than 75 acres of land every year and using modern crop varieties, he's seen yields improve 10-12 times higher than other farmers in the area.

Alvarez is also a minister in the Philippines and works to address issues of poverty. He wants to help farmers use crops as a tool to boost them to a better situation. He has seen the tremendous amount of resources available from science, but despite that, the cost of technology like crop varieties is a barrier to entry. Many farmers in the Philippines see the benefits of higher yields, but cannot afford the price.

Alvarez says, "It's a matter of having food on the table, it's a matter of sending your kids to school. I'm dealing with farmers that are not even graduates of elementary. Because somewhere along the way, poverty has dragged them down that they cannot even afford to go to school. So that's the impact of costs."

Alvarez hopes the costs of technologies in agriculture can be reduced or companies make varieties cheaper specifically for farmers in poverty around the world.

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