Osceola’s Simco Adds Tornado Shelters for Employees

OSCEOLA, Iowa — An Osceola company is taking steps to make sure none of its employees are injured during severe weather.

Simco Drilling Equipment installed tornado shelters last week, after seeing what a tornado did to the Vermeer Company in Pella.

“If that were ever to happen here, we really didn’t have anything we could do, like they had,” said SIMCO General Manager, Darrin Swolley. “I started researching storm shelters to find something we could put in.”

He located a company in Joplin MO, which sold and installed three shelters, each weighing 26,000 pounds. The cost was around $15,000, though SIMCO did some of the dirt work on the project.

Three cellar-style shelters are now sitting on the company’s property. Each one is made of concrete and can keep up to 18 people safe.

“I hope it something that were never going to have to use but it does make us feel a whole lot better that we have them,” said Swolley.


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