With Winter Weather on the way, DOT Prepping for Conditions

DOT workers wash salt brine off of plows. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — With several inches of snow predicted to hit the I-80 corridor on Sunday, it might be a smart idea to head home from Thanksgiving early.

“I’m really glad about it because I didn’t know it was coming, so it’ll be good to be home watching football when the snow’s falling” said Frank Clark.

Clark is headed back to the Quad Cities, something he’s thankful for this holiday season, beating the bad weather expected on Sunday.

“I mean every year it’s a little bit different, some year’s there’s maybe a little snow on the ground got lucky this year the snow had melted off, but, looks like it’s coming back!” said Clark.

The DOT says their 900 trucks across the state are prepped and ready to roll if and when they’re needed, and the state patrol is telling people to prepare themselves.

“With the weather tomorrow, 50 degree day, it’d be a good day to pack that winter survival kit tomorrow because once you’re stuck in the snow on Sunday it’s too late. So, take the 5-10 minutes extra to put that sand tube in your car, jumper cables, the cell phone charger, water, something to eat, and a blanket. Get that stuff out of the way before Sunday” said State Patrol Spokesman Nathan Ludwig.

The recommendation is to stay home if you can, but if you have to go out always remember…

“The first snow storm is always the worst because I think in Iowa we forget what it’s like to drive on snowflakes. When snow falls you gotta reduce your speed and definitely reduce your following distance because those are the two big reasons accidents happen when the conditions are bad” said Ludwig.

If the worst should happen and you get into an accident or slide off the road the state patrol says you should stay put.

“You don’t want to step outside to assess the damage because remember there’s traffic coming behind you with the road conditions icy. Call 911, give your location” said Ludwig.

If the weather is dry on Saturday the DOT plans to pre-treat roads.

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