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Iowans Making Last Minute Fixes to Their Snowblowers

CLIVE, Iowa — Following the holidays most people like to kick back and relax, but with the impending snow storm on Sunday it gives them little time to look over their snow blowers.

“I looked at it about an hour ago today, it wasn’t starting so I’m guessing the carburetor’s dirty so I came and bought a new carburetor” said Josh Johnson.

Johnson plans to use Saturday’s weather to his advantage.

“I’m gonna try to fix it myself, got the snow tomorrow, beautiful day today, so I figured better get it done now” he said.

Johnson isn’t alone. Clive Power Equipment say they have 90 snowblowers in their shop for repair.

“We’re about five days six days out right now, so we got a full shop out back and we’re doing our best to get things going for everybody” said General Manager Jerry Carson.

By 11 a.m. Saturday morning Carson says they had already sold 13 new snow blowers, and had their staff putting together more to make sure they had enough in stock for everyone.

“It started yesterday, it started flowing in and we knew today we were going to be bombarded pretty good which is great, I love the fast paced, today’s going to fly by” said Carson.

While it might be too late to figure out what needs to be fixed for this snowstorm, Carson has a list of things to check if you don’t have yours up and running yet.

Paddles and scrapers are the biggest thing right now. Most of the Toro ones, and I think the other ones do too, have a wear hole, you can see it right on your paddle, and if you’re down below that wear hole you know it’s time to replace it. The scrapers also, you need to make sure you put new scrapers on there because if you don’t it ruins the backside of the snowblower; costs a whole lot more to repair” said Carson.

Carson also says you shouldn’t use fuel with ethanol because it can ruin the snowblower’s carburetor.

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