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New Local Online Tool is Like for Charitable Giving

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The focus the past week has been on spending, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. But Tuesday, is about using your money in a different kind of way.

It’s #givingtuesday and with so many non-profit organizations out there, it can be hard to decide where to donate your money. That is why the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines created, an online tool that will help you pick the right charity for you.

“It’s like for charitable giving,” Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines President Kristi Knous said.

There are 115 non-profit organizations on the site. The non-profits submit their projects to the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines and they verify it is a legitimate, local, 501C3 non-profit organization.

“The nice thing about GIVEdsm is that it is so personalized to everybody’s passion, because we all care about different things and honestly, we care about different things at different points in our lives depending on our life experience,” Knous said.

On the site, Non-profit organizations show their current need, whether it’s a timely need and they’re looking for $1,000 to buy backpacks for kids, or it is an ongoing need for funds to keep the lights on and pay the staff or it’s a capital need for $1 million to build a new park.

“It can be anything from education, to health and human services, to homelessness, to recreation, to the arts, right? So, the nice thing is when you click on that area of interest, those particular projects come up for you so it self-sorts and then it’s color coded by whether it’s timely, capital or ongoing need for the organization,” Knous said. just opened a couple weeks ago but will remain open all year long.

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